Post 10

Coding, I’m not sure if this counts but for my thinking it does. This is how you can build a website, makes things work, and have a safety. For this I think it would help me grow at my current position because I would be given more work at my current position to work on front and back end pages of websites. I think it’s also cool that it has turned into three different types of languages. From this is could lead to doing so many thing not just website but building games or being able to build a site for someone because in today’s world there are so many jobs needed for this field.

Another would be Photoshop to learn how to grow in graphic design. How do you manipulate the images? How can things slide differently. How can these images work this way and this won’t? There is just so much to Photoshop and editing that I don’t understand and it is something I really wish to learn.

I think both of these would be a great skill to have the two together because they are both needed to build a website. You need the images and to have the right look, but to have images slide and be able to be clicked on, you need to know some coding the embed that into a site for them to work together. This combination is somewhere I can see myself growing inside of my current company and also a skill to have beyond what I am currently doing.


Post 9

A world where you can enter and depending on if you’re feeling hot or cold, the room will adjust to that. Most homes and streets have a section where you can sweep garbage and such to and it’ll continue to have cleaner street. There are still recycling bins to separate on the street. Doors automatically open when you approach them, the bathrooms are as they are now, and have a spray that’ll sanitize it when the room is empty.

Parks are preserved and have no cell service but will have sets of emergency beacons. There will be restaurants that will have only a land line and have a turn off for all electronic service.

Time will be appreciated and people will take time off in order to recharge. Technology will be able to bring the balance back to make people more interactive. There will be less relatiy television shows. There will be less channels on the television and people will have more things like netflix, amazon prime, and shows that are calculated by how many views. Cable won’t be the best front runner, it won’t exist like it does now. Classes will be more active based for learning and not simply sitting in a classroom to learn to hands on by the technology allowing them to touch the math they are working on and move around.

Work in school will be tablet or computer based but homework will be put on paper and written out. Colleges will change to decrease it’s cost by having people do a required internship from their sophomore year to gain work experience.

In this world, technology will not dominate but it will have a balance.

My Media Technology

This question is slightly difficult to answer because I work at a technology company so there is a grey area for what tech I use and what I use for work. I don’t pay for any of the sites I use unless you count what my work pays for, but we haven’t gotten there fully yet. I am starting the Social Networking department for a small business so daily I will be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and HubSpot, Depending how many hours I am at work depends on long I use all of these.

I don’t know if the technology is limited to apps because my phone is on my constantly although I have been taking “tech breaks” so that I can just be in silence and not feel as though I always need to be reachable and have to be talking to people, instead I would like to be outside enjoying a hike or reading a good book.

So that brings about other tech, I guess right now being on WordPress to do this assignment which includes being on my lap top where my phone is next to me alerting me about what time it is so I see how much longer I have longer I have before out class chat begins. Then on the television it’s a Roku set up so I have pandora playing with the icon dancing around the screen. Just to do this post I am engaging in three different types of technology. When I am at work I can be on the computer or set up at a station with duel computers where I am looking at two screen at once. I don’t have a set answer for this because at times I can be overloaded with tech, and then other times I am enjoying the silence and stillness of having no technology but I can say my life is filled with it.

Tech Games and Social Interaction

The Studio 360 video honestly did not make a lot of sense to me. I am a fan of Pac-man and I think it’s a great game, so the concept of making it eat parasites is cool. I just don’t understand why someone really made it into a game. I guess it could be interesting to show kids that these are parasites and the medicine we are doing is going to eat it all up and leave your body. In that sense it could be fun and pretty cool. However they showed the set up and more how to put it in, not really them playing so I don’t know if the Pac-man is actually eating up the parasites so the game does not really make sense to me.

In the description they had a Pac-man champ come play it and compared the difference that he’s leading them and not really chasing the parasites. Which I guess has to do with the electricity. I may be looking for something that was clearly spelled out but I am missing it on this Studio 360 video.

For the BBC article, “Technology feeds grassroots media” it’s a very interesting perspective to compare new technology and the way of communicating to dinosaurs. The fact that people don’t freely communicate and have to be told to not be on their phones or some find it so difficult to be without their phone they honestly lose it, you’re able to see something becoming extinct. However with communication I don’t think it will go a little differently than the dinosaurs. They were all killed off, but not everyone allows their lives to be consumed by blogs, wikis, podcast, and all these other things. There are some who reject this technology.

In our class reading “Framing Conversations about Technology” it talked about how people are afraid of technology. Not everyone jumps on board with technology and embrace it. This BBC article kind of explained what each outlet is. Yes it has brought about a new way of communicating, but this also stirs conversation then on Social Media, which then leads to actual conversations and a relate ability. This has taken the news paper where you needed approval and a set voice for whatever voice the paper wanted or view point, and has given them a freedom to speak their opinion, even if it’s not exactly fact based or well researched. Hasn’t it just given to the freedom of speech? Newspapers are printed once a day, blogs, podcasts and wikis can be updated at anytime, done anywhere, and written multiple times a day.