My Media Technology

This question is slightly difficult to answer because I work at a technology company so there is a grey area for what tech I use and what I use for work. I don’t pay for any of the sites I use unless you count what my work pays for, but we haven’t gotten there fully yet. I am starting the Social Networking department for a small business so daily I will be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and HubSpot, Depending how many hours I am at work depends on long I use all of these.

I don’t know if the technology is limited to apps because my phone is on my constantly although I have been taking “tech breaks” so that I can just be in silence and not feel as though I always need to be reachable and have to be talking to people, instead I would like to be outside enjoying a hike or reading a good book.

So that brings about other tech, I guess right now being on WordPress to do this assignment which includes being on my lap top where my phone is next to me alerting me about what time it is so I see how much longer I have longer I have before out class chat begins. Then on the television it’s a Roku set up so I have pandora playing with the icon dancing around the screen. Just to do this post I am engaging in three different types of technology. When I am at work I can be on the computer or set up at a station with duel computers where I am looking at two screen at once. I don’t have a set answer for this because at times I can be overloaded with tech, and then other times I am enjoying the silence and stillness of having no technology but I can say my life is filled with it.


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