Tech Games and Social Interaction

The Studio 360 video honestly did not make a lot of sense to me. I am a fan of Pac-man and I think it’s a great game, so the concept of making it eat parasites is cool. I just don’t understand why someone really made it into a game. I guess it could be interesting to show kids that these are parasites and the medicine we are doing is going to eat it all up and leave your body. In that sense it could be fun and pretty cool. However they showed the set up and more how to put it in, not really them playing so I don’t know if the Pac-man is actually eating up the parasites so the game does not really make sense to me.

In the description they had a Pac-man champ come play it and compared the difference that he’s leading them and not really chasing the parasites. Which I guess has to do with the electricity. I may be looking for something that was clearly spelled out but I am missing it on this Studio 360 video.

For the BBC article, “Technology feeds grassroots media” it’s a very interesting perspective to compare new technology and the way of communicating to dinosaurs. The fact that people don’t freely communicate and have to be told to not be on their phones or some find it so difficult to be without their phone they honestly lose it, you’re able to see something becoming extinct. However with communication I don’t think it will go a little differently than the dinosaurs. They were all killed off, but not everyone allows their lives to be consumed by blogs, wikis, podcast, and all these other things. There are some who reject this technology.

In our class reading “Framing Conversations about Technology” it talked about how people are afraid of technology. Not everyone jumps on board with technology and embrace it. This BBC article kind of explained what each outlet is. Yes it has brought about a new way of communicating, but this also stirs conversation then on Social Media, which then leads to actual conversations and a relate ability. This has taken the news paper where you needed approval and a set voice for whatever voice the paper wanted or view point, and has given them a freedom to speak their opinion, even if it’s not exactly fact based or well researched. Hasn’t it just given to the freedom of speech? Newspapers are printed once a day, blogs, podcasts and wikis can be updated at anytime, done anywhere, and written multiple times a day.


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