Post 9

A world where you can enter and depending on if you’re feeling hot or cold, the room will adjust to that. Most homes and streets have a section where you can sweep garbage and such to and it’ll continue to have cleaner street. There are still recycling bins to separate on the street. Doors automatically open when you approach them, the bathrooms are as they are now, and have a spray that’ll sanitize it when the room is empty.

Parks are preserved and have no cell service but will have sets of emergency beacons. There will be restaurants that will have only a land line and have a turn off for all electronic service.

Time will be appreciated and people will take time off in order to recharge. Technology will be able to bring the balance back to make people more interactive. There will be less relatiy television shows. There will be less channels on the television and people will have more things like netflix, amazon prime, and shows that are calculated by how many views. Cable won’t be the best front runner, it won’t exist like it does now. Classes will be more active based for learning and not simply sitting in a classroom to learn to hands on by the technology allowing them to touch the math they are working on and move around.

Work in school will be tablet or computer based but homework will be put on paper and written out. Colleges will change to decrease it’s cost by having people do a required internship from their sophomore year to gain work experience.

In this world, technology will not dominate but it will have a balance.


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