Post 10

Coding, I’m not sure if this counts but for my thinking it does. This is how you can build a website, makes things work, and have a safety. For this I think it would help me grow at my current position because I would be given more work at my current position to work on front and back end pages of websites. I think it’s also cool that it has turned into three different types of languages. From this is could lead to doing so many thing not just website but building games or being able to build a site for someone because in today’s world there are so many jobs needed for this field.

Another would be Photoshop to learn how to grow in graphic design. How do you manipulate the images? How can things slide differently. How can these images work this way and this won’t? There is just so much to Photoshop and editing that I don’t understand and it is something I really wish to learn.

I think both of these would be a great skill to have the two together because they are both needed to build a website. You need the images and to have the right look, but to have images slide and be able to be clicked on, you need to know some coding the embed that into a site for them to work together. This combination is somewhere I can see myself growing inside of my current company and also a skill to have beyond what I am currently doing.


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