Post 13

If there were no computers then coming up with predictions for how the market would go, being able to look over analysis. computers were invented to do arithmetic. That I honestly never knew and find very interesting. There is human error and now with so much data out there, it is a longer process to track and follow all the data. Now you can make a program and follow the calculating. When there is an error it messes up all he data. Computer take out the human error. It is quicker and can give easier data without error from it being programed.

If there was no data then the tracking of our money, how would our bank have the correct amount? One person could have one number and another person has another and then they have to go back and forth to see who is right and if they say one person is right compared to another person, they both could be wrong but there is the process that is done over and over and how could banks keep track if they say someone has an amount in the bank while the person whose bank account it is says it is a different amount? Would people then not have banks and keep their money in their mattresses still?

Navigating, would people be flying? Now there is auto pilot and plans are tracked by computers with software in the plan so they can track plans to not collide and make sure they are heading in the right direction. This helps keep people safe and people on the track they are going so that they can plan accordingly.

Bank and flying are so much of our culture I couldn’t image it being different.